It’s time to listen to your soul to grow whole.


Fully embrace who you are and let go of what doesn't serve you. Move forward with greater clarity and passion for your life. Stand for what you believe in by taking action to create an impact.

It's a soul full group. 

Be seen and belong.


Susan LePlae Miller

Susan is a business coach, consultant, storyteller, and poet with the life mantra "Know your value, Live your values". She brings over 30 years experience in Partnerships, Product, and Supply Chain Management, understanding the inner workings of business and how teamwork and collaboration fuel results. Her Core ValYous of authenticity, compassion, and respect provide a basis for empowering each person and team to highlight their gifts. Together anything is possible.

Eben Greene

Eben believes that authentic connection and soul expression are pathways to wholeness and transcendence. As the vision keeper for ShiftUp and the creator of the ValYou symbols, Eben brings a depth of experience to accelerate purposeful growth for individuals and businesses. His top two core ValYous are Courage and Soulove. His "Be You More" mission is all about supporting people to heal, grow and empower themselves.

Ipek Williamson

Ipek is an Insight Coach, a Ho'oponopono Practitioner, and a Meditation Advocate & Teacher with thousands of followers through multiple platforms. In addition to her advanced coaching and meditation skills, Ipek brings 20+ years of her corporate experience to the "Be You More" Coaching Team. Her top two core ValYous are Fairness and Love. She genuinely considers these ValYous as the main prerequisites of being a compassionate human.

Eric Michot

Eric is devoted to working towards the advancement of society through service and contributed to the design of the well-advised Be You More Coaching model, which combines and brings into play several developmental approaches, whilst offering an innovative and transformative way of developing oneself coherently. His substantial contributions to the world of coaching have led him here. “Unity” is the ValYou that Eric is the most present to, since, so powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.

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